Boatshed Port Townsend 2730 Washington St Suite C, Port Townsend, WA 98368

About Boatshed Port Townsend

With the San Juan Islands, Puget Sound, Hood Canal, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and its wild Pacific Coast, Washington State is regarded as among the best and most beautiful cruising grounds in the world. Boatshed provides a new and advanced way to buy and sell a used boat throughout Washington State and the world.

Boatshed Seattle, Boatshed Tacoma, Boatshed Everett, and Boatshed Port Townsend are brokerage divisions of Waterline Boats LLC, - dealer for Helmsman Trawlers®.

Scott and Lisa Helker, owners of Waterline Boats, looked for a better way to build a strong brokerage business to accompany their new boat lines and found the UK-based Boatshed System. They were impressed with the company's ethics, its advanced customer management software, and the truly unique benefits for buyers and sellers:

-Boatshed displays unlimited photographs, video, and detailed information about its boats in a standardized, objective presentation. This true and complete representation is informative to buyers and is simply regarded as a better way to present a boat.

-70+ offices in the international Boatshed system provide instant exposure to a world-wide customer base.

-We have over 1,000,000 registered Boatshed customers! This is the best illustration of how proactive we are.

-Boatshed feeds all the major MLS sites in North America and Europe to achieve international exposure that far exceeds the resources of other brokerage firms.

-We provide owners with regular reports about progress on their sale, and because of our advanced proprietary software we have actual data about internet activity to report, allowing us to fine-tune the marketing plan.

Bottom line -- with our advanced technology, innovative methods, and true international marketing we can find buyers that traditional brokerage methods will not reach.

Waterline Boats' Boatshed Port Townsend office is located at 2730 Washington St. Suite C, Port Townsend at Boat Haven Marina. Waterline Boats with Boatshed Seattle, Boatshed Tacoma, Boatshed Everett main office is located at 2400 Westlake Avenue N., Seattle.

With dock space on Lake Union, Everett, and Port Townsend we're also uniquely positioned to offer display moorage for those owners who want to show their vessel at premier locations that work for them.